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  • 11 décembre 2020

Immaculate Conception in Don Bosco Youth Centre Kunkujang Mariama

As Salesians of Don Bosco, 8th December is a very important date for our congregation. It is not only that we commemorate our mother Mary as Immaculate Conception but also our fonder Don Bosco who started our society. For a small history, it was 8th December 1841, Don Bosco was preparing to celebrate the Mass when he noticed that the sacristan chasing away one boy in the sacristy because he was not an altar servant. This reaction of the sacristan made Don Bosco Very uncomfortable and ordered to call the boy back because he was his friend. From there a conversation started between the boy and Don Bosco. In this conversation Don Bosco realized that the boy was neither baptized nor received the first communion. With the agreement of the boy, Don Bosco started the catechism with one hail Mary at that day. The boy’s name was Bartholomew Garelli. Indeed, last 8th December, we celebrated with the children and youth to honor this day as a feast of the Oratory/Youth Centre. We started this celebration with the Rosary prayer followed by Mass and a talent show in Don Bosco Youth Centre. It was a successful programme which was attended by around two hundred and fifty (250) young and children.